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E-360 BB Training

Train The Game – 

Date:  Every Monday & Wednesday 

Grades: 2nd-8th

Time- 5:00pm-6:00pm


Fees: Member Monthly Fee: $100

            Non-Member Monthly Fee: $115

Note) You are able to cancel the camp at any time if you choose to do so, and you will not get charged for the remaining months. If you do decide to cancel, please email and we will be able to help you cancel. 


  • Affordable Monthly Pricing & Easy Enrollment
    • Unlimited Sessions
    • Only Have to Enroll Once– Plan Auto Renews Each Month
    • You can opt out at any time
    • Less than $12 Per Hour for Elite Level Training

Train More For Less

If you are serious about skills training and want a year-round solution that is affordable and easy, then E-360 is for you.

E-360 Basketball Training Camp 

The E-360 Basketball Training Camp features individual attention and a focus on individual improvement through 1 hour intense training sessions. The Camp is year-round. 

Sessions will focus on shooting, speed, agility quickness training, defensive tactics to help you make your team, guard and post skills, individual offensive footwork, attacking pressure with poise, and will be built to 3-on-3.

Training will be provided by a mix of varsity level coaches, former collegiate level coaches, high school coaches in addition to former and current high school and college players as demonstrators.