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Adult Basketball

Upcoming League Dates

Date Event Name Fee Games
July 30th-September 3rd, Sundays Adult Basketball League $450 Team Fee 6 Games Min


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  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fantastic Facilities
  • UIL Trained Officials
  • Play on High-Quality Hardwood Playing Surface
  • Stats Table

League Rules




ALL GAMES will consist of two 20-minute running clock halves. The clock will stop the last 1 minute of the first half and the last 2 minutes of the game (second half or OT). The clock will not stop if a team is up by 15 points or more at any point in the game.

• There will be a 3 min halftime and a 5 minute warm up between games. Please keep your athletes from shooting during other teams’ warmup time. Warmup balls must be provided by each team--The PAC will not provide them.

Teams must provide their own practice balls and also the game ball.

• Each team is allowed FOUR 45-second timeouts per game. A total of 4 timeouts are allotted. They carry over if they go unused in first half or there is an overtime period.

• Timeouts carry over into OT. One 45-second timeout is added to each team for the first OT. No other timeouts will be added for additional OTs.

• Overtime will consist of 2 minutes with regular clock operations. Clock will stop on all dead balls.

FORFEIT: A 10-minute grace period will be given to any team unable to produce 4 players at the beginning of the game After that 10-minute period, the game will become a forfeit. If players show up, a shortened game can occur, even though the forfeit will be official. If a team forfeits a game without at least 24 hour notice, they will be subject to a $40 fine to cover official’s expenses. 

The PAC League Director will determine whether or not a make-up game will be held for the team that wins by forfeit.

REFEREES: Officials provided by ABOA and are UIL certified. Officials will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. Officials do have the right to remove coaches, players or spectators.

TEAM UNIFORMS: Teams will provide their own uniforms or will be given pennies at game time. 

ROSTERS: Roster may not have more than 15 players. Rosters will lock after Week 3. All players must be entered into the Online Roster BEFORE Week 3AND have played in 1 game in the regular season to be eligible to play in the End of Season Tournament. A player may not play or be entered on more than 1 team’s roster in a give division.

NOTE: A player may be entered into the Online Roster BEFORE Week 3 and play in a regular season game AFTER Week 3 and still be eligible to play CHALLENGE PROCEDURE: The opposing team captain (or designate) must challenge prior to the end of halftime of the game in question. Once the game has been completed, no challenges will be accepted and the result will stand. If a player’s eligibility has been challenged, they must produce a photo ID or a copy of a photo ID.

If the game has not started AND the player is unable to produce a photo ID or a copy of a photo ID, they will be deemed ineligible for the game and the game will be played without the ineligible player.

If the game has already started AND the player is unable to produce a photo ID or a copy of a photo ID, they will be deemed ineligible for the remainder of the game and the player’s team will forfeit the game.



• The league’s reputation can be affected by the negative actions of one or more persons affiliated with PAC Leagues, on or off the court. Players, coaches, parents, PAC employees, referees, scorekeepers and spectators all share in the responsibility of displaying proper behavior at all times.

Quarreling and arguing over playing regulations, referee calls or administrative issues can only create a negative impact. The PAC was developed for the benefit of our community. Adult leaders are role models for the kids.

• The PAC enforces a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards any form of un-sportsmanlike behavior by anyone associated with the PAC Leagues.



• Unsportsmanlike conduct or disrespect for the opposing team, game officials and scorekeepers, will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct will be judged at the discretion of the referees and the PAC Commissioners.

Players will refrain at all times from arguing with the referees and score-keepers. The game referees will be instructed to charge a technical foul to any player from the game for abusive, harmful or unwarranted disruptions.

• Profanity of any kind will not be tolerated. The game referees will be instructed to charge a technical foul to any player from the game for use of profanity.


• Cursing - profanity, racial and religious epithets (ie anything offensive to a 6 year old)

• Yelling or directing offensive language at officials or opposing players

• Intimidation or unsportsmanlike conduct

If a player is ejected from a contest because of unsportsmanlike con-

duct, that player will automatically receive a one game suspension. If a player is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct a second time during the season, the player will be dismissed for the balance of the season (including the tournament) without a refund of entry fees. Technical fouls will be tracked by player throughout each season.

Here is the technical foul process:

• Technical will be recorded by the ref on The PAC Adult League Technical Foul Log. Ref will submit the log and report the conditions of the tech to a PAC Director.

• Team captain will receive written documentation via email of each technical foul accrued by his or her team. It is the captain’s responsibility to pass that notice on to any players on his or her team.

• On the third technical foul, that player will automatically be dismissed for the balance of the season (including the tournament). This rule applies even if the third technical occurs during the middle of a game.

If a game is terminated early because of one or both team’s actions, the players involved and/or responsible for the early termination will each receive a technical foul that will count towards their season total. The PAC reserves the right to determine if a team must forfeit agame because of improper conduct.

• Fighting will not be tolerated during any PAC event. Any player involved will be immediately ejected from the game and suspended for the next game, or if the game is completed, shall be suspended for the next two (2) games. Additional discipline may be taken at the discretion of the PAC League Commissioners.

• Players shall never threaten or physically harm or abuse any player at any time for any reason. The game referees will be instructed to charge a technical foul to any player who issues anything that can be perceived as a threat. This behavior will not be tolerated, and at the discretion of the PAC and its officials, will result in ejection, suspension and/or dismissal or other appropriate discipline from the game or the league upon repeated violations. All decisions will be handled by the PAC League Commissioners.


The PAC reserves the right to discipline any participant or spectator who, in its discretion, violates the rules, procedures or spirit of the PAC.

• No smoking or alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the playing areas and those areas adjacent to the playing areas.

• It is imperative that appropriate sportsmanlike conduct be a requirement of all spectators at all times. No swearing or harassment at game referees, scorekeepers, players and officials will be permitted. Spectators shall at no time use signs, gestures or degrading comments toward opposing coaches, players, other spectators, referees, scorekeepers or administrators.

• Any PAC official may request that any spectator violating this rule of conduct vacate the facility immediately. If the offending spectator refuses to leave the facility, the basketball game will be suspended until the spectator vacates the premises.

• If the referees assess a technical foul against the spectators of a team, it shall be charged to that team’s coach.

If a player or fan is asked to leave the PAC and refuses to leave promptly after being asked to do so (within 2 minutes), PAC policy is to call police so that the player or fan can be escorted out without the chance for escalation. If police are called, the player or fan in question will be banned from future PAC league activities for life.


• All administrators of the PAC shall be required to follow and enforce the rules,regulations and philosophy of the PAC. By virtue of their position of responsibility, all administrators of the PAC will be held to uphold the highest standard of conduct at all times.






I have read the league rules and code of conduct.

I understand that my team and all of its members are subject to this code.

It is my responsibility as captain to make sure that they are aware of the rules and that they understand they must abide by the rules or be subject to suspension or removal from the league.



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